Winter Wedding Colorado | Keystone Ranch Colorado

When I think of beauty and relaxation, I think of Colorado. The land is breath taking, with it’s glorious mountains, white floors of snow, clean fresh air and the silence of nothing around. This is where I want to be. This is also where Emily and Shawn wanted to be for their wedding. After the wedding, she wanted to get back in her dress and it allowed for some of the best photos to be captured. The fun and playful times, as well as getting a horse that she wanted but didn’t get to have on her wedding day, allowed for a relaxing time to take photos. The day was just about them. The snow, the sun, the temperature, THE HORSE (Jake) was just right. Jake was so cooperative and stunning. I do believe he enjoyed having his photo taken. The setting at Keystone Ranch in Colorado was perfect for this couple. At Keystone Ranch, we experienced what their website described, an “extraordinary blend of the Colorado frontier and fine dining in the rustic elegance of this original 1930’s Ranch homestead. With spectacular views of Swan Mountain and the Ten Mile Range. Winter ceremonies have a warm, romantic feel in front of the floor to ceiling stone fireplace that was a wedding present to the original owner’s daughter.” keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0015 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0016 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0019 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0020 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0021 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0001 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0002 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0003 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0008 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0006 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0007 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0017 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0005 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0013 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0010 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0004 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0009 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0012     keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0018 keystone-ranch-keystone-colorado-castorina-photography-films_0014   Venues:  Keystone Ranch | Florist: Pots and Petals | Wedding Hair & Makeup: Elan Life Spa | Invitations: Elora Pure Style | Cake: City Market | Horse and Access: Iconic Weddings | Photographer: Castorina Photography & Films Florida and Colorado wedding photography and cinematic wedding video: Castorina Photography and Films is a St. Petersburg Florida and Steamboat Springs Colorado, on location studio. Our wedding photography and cinematography clients enjoy a relaxed environment where they can be themselves as we do our best to relieve any stress from the wedding day. We have also serviced clients in Cancun Mexico, Venice, Rome, Tuscany and other areas of Italy, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Steamboat Springs, Keystone, Silverthorne Colorado and many other locations in the United States. Service information: Castorina Photography and Films offers on location photography and cinematic wedding films for wedding, portrait, family, engagement, and Bridal sessions