The Correct way to WALK in front of the camera


Posing in front of a lens can be overwhelming.

In this section,’ I will walk you through some expert tips that would greatly help to increase the appeal of your photos at your big reveal.

Ready? Set? Walk!

The Classic Imaginary Line

Before we get into the different ‘walks,’ let’s take a moment to learn how-to walk in front of a camera.

Walking in front of a camera becomes a lot easier when you follow the Imaginary Line rule. This is an in-house tip left for professional models. Whichever location you are using becomes your runway. Think of yourself walking on a tight rope. Yes, it sounds crazy, but this will help you stick to a line as you place one foot in front of the other. Doing the random walk will not allow for proper weight distribution. At the end of the day, you may end up fighting with your photographer when the problem was, in fact, the walk.

 Your Body Movement Matters

To get a flattering look while walking in front of a camera, you must pay keen attention to your body movement. Your head, shoulders, hips, and arms all matter too. Carry yourself as though you are walking for a pageantry show – but don’t overdo it. Your hips will normally sway, especially with the ‘tightrope walk model,’ but don’t force it. Allow your arms to swing as naturally as they should. Better yet, try holding something. You could hold your partner hand and let it swing as normally as it should. Do not force it. There is no need for that.

-What do you do with your eyes?  Looking straight into your partner’s eyes is not the only way to occupy your eyes. You could look at the camera, look away from the camera, pretend to stare at something else. Staring at your partners accessory (say a hat) also works the magic. You could both stare at the same object, or he can pretend to watch you stare at something. This way, it doesn’t appear forced, and you also don’t get to go home with the cheesy ‘look into my eyes’ photos.

-Let Your Love Shine Through
Before we start the ‘walk,’ I would like to remind you that this is all about you and your partner. Nothing should take away that pure love and connection you both share. This is why my #1 rule is to ‘Be Yourself.’ Why spend all the time thinking about getting it right and then forget the fact that this is a memorable event for YOU? Any photographer could teach you all the best looks in the book but you are the only one who can make the connection and love shine through. So, while you take the walk with your partner, remember your love has to shine through.

Hold his hands. Let there be a contact somehow. Eye contact works too.

Say something funny. Just feel free like no one is watching, and you will be amazed of how flattering the photos will come out. Again, don’t force it!

Couples’ Walking Poses

Walk Towards the Camera

This is a simple walking pose anyone can pull off. You and your partner should start walking from a distance towards the camera – without necessarily paying attention to the camera – and your photographer snaps away. To spice things up, your photographer could take a walk too. This helps for plenty shots, so, you don’t have to start all over to get more photos.

Walk Away From the Camera

Walking away from the camera also gives you the opportunity to create candid looks. Try pretending like you are walking towards something and have no idea a camera is behind you. You just walk away and Be You while your photographer takes great shots from behind or walks along and take greater shots. Lol! Whatever works for you.

 Walk Ahead of Him

Okay, this is a cool walking pose. I really do like this pose because it screams natural! Instead of walking side-by-side in all the photos, try shaking things up a bit by walking slightly ahead of him while holding hands. Having him look at you or watching a distant object together will skyrocket the appeal. Try it!

Try the Stairs

Walking on the stairs is yet another great way to make your engagement and wedding photos pop. Your photographer could be at the top or bottom of the stairs or maybe walking parallel to you. The stairs also make it easy for you to maintain the imaginary line. Another reason I like using this – if possible – is that it really helps in weight distribution. Counting your steps on the stairs helps you to go slowly, flaunting all of your good spots. I do not know about you but this makes it more fun. You should totally try it!


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