Italy is a place where you can visit and feel like you live there. When my husband and I travel to Europe, one place we always make sure to go to is Italy. One because he is part Italian, and the other because it is just gorgeous. Well one more reason, THE FOOD! The latter is really our number one reason.

While there this past summer, we stayed at an Agriturismo, beautifully situated on a hill with 360 degree breathtaking views over the Tuscan hills. The agriturismo was our ideal base for trips to Siena, Montepulciano, Montechino, San Gimignano, Cortona and more. We felt privileged to visit these places.

While enjoying the home, we often meet other guests, and since it is basically a bed and breakfast, we sit closely to others at meal time. I noticed a fun, energetic, beautiful couple that I thought would make for great models for our photography. So the next morning I saw them resting after breakfast and I asked them if they would like to model for us. With big smiles, they agreed. We planned to meet the next day.

We styled them up and hit the road. Wearing the formal outfits, their personalities came across in the photos as a truly light-spirited couple.

Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0001 Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0002

As we walked through the streets and vineyards on the Tuscan hill side, we would see a spot and shoot. She said the dress was so much like the one she wore just a week prior and the suit he borrowed was just a shade off from the one he wore. So they looked at each other with googly eyes as they shared in this moment, reminiscing of the fun they had celebrated one week earlier.

Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0003 Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0004 Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0005

After a while, before sunset, we changed it up and they chose a casual outfit that they said best reflected their personalities. Gerben “Gerry” is a doctor, and Caroljn is in advertising; they were on their honeymoon. They considered themselves a light-hearted, fun couple. I completely agreed after only spending a couple hours together. I really wanted to have their personality come out in the photos, so with not much posing or coaxing, I felt that I captured their personality spot on.

Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0006 Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0007 Castorina Photography & Films Honeymoon Italy Tuscany_0008

So to sum it up, this is why we love to travel. Although we are a Tampa wedding photography and films company, as international travel lovers, we have become international photographers who love to capture people as they are. As we continued our travels through Italy, we captured our memories in still photos, and my husband, with moving film. We love what we do and even more so when we are in Italy.